Petrin Mechanical began nearly 60 years ago with one man, Norm Petrin, under the name Norm Petrin Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd. At first it was just a man and a truck, but as time went on it grew to include his 3 sons, Norm Jr, Dan and Gilles, all of whom dug ditches side by side with their father, a fact they will all tell you contributed to the incredible work ethic they all share.

With 60 years of history and experience behind us, Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd continually strives to ensure a top quality product and service to all of our clients at a fair market price. We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with first rate employees, subcontractors and suppliers who have contributed to the overall success of Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd.

The Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd. family has remained an adaptive, cost conscience, innovative and moral company. With years of resources, we have the knowledge and means to take on any project. Petrin prides itself as a ‘Can Do’ and relationship based company that will provide a positive experience as part of your Construction Team.

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Dan Petrin


Dan is the second son of Norm Petrin Sr, the founder of Norm Petrin Plumbing & Heating, which would eventually grow to become Petrin Mechanical. Dan moved to Calgary in 1993 to take over operations of the Calgary branch, and has been here ever since, growing the company into what it is today.

Started: 1968

Jared Petrin

VP Business Development

Jared is the eldest son of Dan. He earned his journeyman certificate in 2008 and moved immediately into the office as estimator, progressing to Project Manager a couple years later, which is still the main focus of day-to-day activities.

Started: 2001

Darwin Hickson

VP Operations

Darwin is the longest serving member of the Petrin team outside of Dan Petrin himself. He began his Petrin career as a journeyman, running a number of projects before earning a promotion to the office as a Project Manager. Darwin is responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks required to keep any business running smoothly, on top of his main focus of project management.

Started: 1992

Mike Delahunt

VP Construction

Mike joined the Petrin Mechanical team with no previous experience, and earned his Journeyman Plumbing and Gas fitting Tickets in 2001 from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.  Mike was a foreman on several large projects before taking on a role in Petrin’s estimating department. Mike eventually moved into a Project Management position, which is still his main focus to this day.

Started: 1997

Mark Morrisey

Senior Estimator

Mark joined the Petrin Mechanical team with no previous experience, and earned his Journeyman Plumbing and Gas fitting Tickets in 2004 from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Mark was a foreman for many of Petrin’s larger projects. Leveraging that experience, Mark took on the position of estimator and performs admirably in that capacity today, responsible for the tendering, budgeting and sometimes design of projects before handing the reigns to the Project Managers to coordinate the physical construction work.

Started: 2001

Brad Petrin


Brad is the youngest son of Dan. He earned his journeyman certificate in 2009 before becoming a foreman and managing his own workers. After working on the tools for ten years, he was moved into the office to begin estimating.

Started: 2006

Selene Fisher


Selene joined Petrin in the role of Controller, and currently holds the same title and position today. Selene is critically important to the business operations of Petrin, and is responsible for wearing many other hats in the office, including IT and Legal, in addition to her primary role as Accountant.

Started: 2001

Kim Kanceruk

Administrative Assistant

Kim joined Petrin in the role of Administrator’s Assistant and continues to do an excellent job in that capacity today. Kim plays a vital role in the front-end operation of the office, and the business as a whole, with responsibilities that span everything from arranging for construction permits, to time-cards for all hourly staff, to checking invoices and preparing payments for the various vendors and subtrades.

Started: 2003

Kevin Erwin

Safety Officer

Kevin joined Petrin in the role of Safety Officer, after spending many years working throughout the construction industry in various capacities, often involving safety. Kevin is responsible for maintaining and updating the Petrin safety program, planning and organizing all safety-related training, and also for keeping the shop area neat and organized to facilitate an efficient work environment.

Started: 2016